Classifieds / Demand for car parts / WANTED: Jaguar IL 6cyl OHV engine Seen 2187 times


I am in search of the following in order of preference to be used in the restoration of a c. 1950’s British, JBM “Special” Race Car as seen on my site:  under the MOST WANTED tab & the attached pic.

1. Jaguar SS100 IL6 OHV 2.5L engine

2. Any Jaguar IL6 OHV 2.5L engine

3. A donor car w/ either of the above engines

I would prefer the engine to be as complete as possible & free-spinning, but will consider what you may have. I realize that this engine may only be available in a vehicle restoration project car e.g. MK IV, MK V & that’s fine.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance that you can provide.

Thank You!

Price : unknown

Latest photo

Latest photo