Témata dle modelů

Témata dle modelů / Jaguar XJ-X350 / Finty a kódy na X350 Zhlédnuto 2136×

Každý moderný palubný systém má funkcie , ktoré sa bežne nepoužívajú , ale môžu sa hodiť.

Každé ďalšie sú vítané.

1/ To change the language of the message centre…

Hold down the m/km trip computer switch while switching the ignition to position 2 and it enables you to set the message centre language. Press the m/km switch repeatedly to change language. Press the A/B switch to select the currently displayed language. ( zmena trvá tak 2-3 sek )

2/ To display the vehicle VIN in the message centre…

Hold down the A/B switch while switching the ignition to position 2 and the message centre displays the vehicle VIN.

3/ To enable or disable RDBS on your radio…

Press the eject button on the MD (Tape and CD work too) and while pressing it also press the AM/FM button. This lets you into the localisation and RDBS settings for the audio systems.

4/ To enter the diagnostic mode of the navigation and centre console…

With the ignition in any position hold the menu and phone buttons together for about 5 seconds. This presents a screen to enter the diag PIN. PIN is 917. This lets you into lots of information and a few settings for the screen. Also enables you to test the functionality of most centre console switches and functions and well as diagnose the navigation and TV systems.

PIN 1971 gives advanced diagnostics but be careful eg dont touch the nav software update without a newer disc! ( fakt pozor!!! )

5/ To display the serial number of the radio…

Hold down the MD eject button and press PTY button and the computer briefly displays the last 5 digits of the radio serial number preceded with 5 zeros.

6/ To enter the diagnostic mode for the instrument cluster…

Hold down the trip computer button on the indicator stalk as you switch the ignition to position 2 and the message centre will cycle through about 40 diagnostics for the gauge display including testing the lighting, warning lights, gauges, signals etc.

7/ To enable or disable the seat belt warning chime…

1. Ensure the front passenger seat is unoccupied.

NOTE: Steps two to five must be completed within 60 seconds.

2. Turn the ignition to the RUN position (do not start the engine).

3. Buckle the driver safety belt buckle and wait until the seat belt warning lamp extinguishes.

4. Unbuckle the driver safety belt buckle and wait until the seat belt warning lamp illuminates.

5. Repeat Steps three and four a further eight times.

6. When the driver safety belt buckle is unbuckled for the ninth time a single chime will be heard. The single chime is acknowledgement that the beltminder feature has been disabled.

The beltminder feature will be disabled until the above process (Steps one to six) are repeated. Upon repeating the process the beltminder feature will be reactivated.

8/ To enable or disable RF on the radio…

Hold down the AM/FM button for 3 seconds and RF ON or OFF is displayed. RF is the auto tune for RDS stations on the radio. Repeat to toggle setting.

9/ Global open and close…

For some reason seems to get overlooked even though it is written clearly in the drivers handbook.

To open all the windows and sunroof, if fitted, press and hold the unlock button for 3 seconds on the remote. If you let go before 3 seconds is up then nothing will happen. Pressing any button on the remote before all windows have opened will stop them all where they are. To close them all, press and hold the lock button for 3 seconds. The same effect can be achieved by the key in the drivers door. Hold in the unlock position for 3 seconds to open everything and the lock position for 3 seconds to close everything.Apparently the same effects can be achieved from the drivers door lock button.Also apparently should the global open and close fail for some reason that it can be reset by pressing and holding either button on the remote for 10 seconds. ( a toto je velmi efektna vychytavka 🙂 )

Príjemnú zábavu 🙂

Ivane, to je úžasné !!! To auto je chytřejší než vypadá 😀

Mna najviac tesia tie okna , lebo dnes to vie hociaka plecka a bola by to hanba. 🙂 Ono to je vraj v návode , ale s tým som sa zatial moc nezaoberal.

Edit 12.9.18 : Ked mate stresne okno , tak aj to chodi s ostatnymi.

Tato kombinacia by mala zabezpecit tzv „pin override“. Teda ked neviete kod radia po odpojeni baterky:


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